Privacy policy and cookies

1. Responsibility:

The person in charge of processing the data collected through this Websiteis:

· Wiber Rent a Car, S.L. (henceforth, “Wiber Rent a Car”).

2. Purpose:

The personal data of the user of this Website will be treated for thefollowing purposes:

F.1: Allow the use of the functionalities placed at your disposal on theWebsite, including the contracting of the products and / or servicesoffered therein, as well as the attention to the requests that the useraddresses to Wiber Rent a Car.

The data processed for this purpose will be kept as long as thiscontractual relationship is maintained and, once it is finalized, duringthe preservation periods and the statute of limitations for legallystipulated liabilities.

F.2: Keeping the user informed, even by electronic means, about theproducts, services and news of Wiber Rent a Car. The data processed forthis purpose will be kept until the moment when the user withdraws hisconsent for receiving these communications.

If you do not consent to the processing of your data for this purpose,please check the following box. ☐

3. Legitimation

The legal basis for carrying out the data treatments specified in theprevious section is as follows:

F.1: Execution of the contractual obligations assumed by the user and WiberRent a Car on the Website. In the case of requests made by a user who doesnot have a contractual relationship with Wiber Rent a Car, the legal basisis the user's consent implicit in their request to the effect that WiberRent a Car can serve it.

F.2: Consent of the given user for the reception of mentionedcommunications.

4. Recipients

Privacy policy and cookies

The personal data of the user will not be communicated to any third party, except in case of legal obligation. Only in the event that a Client uses the service Wikey Smart Box, the documentation provided during the online checkin will be verified by a third party (for ID verification purposes).

By accepting our General Terms and Conditions, the Client will be giving their express consent of the transfer of their personal data (see chapter “Wikey Smart Box Service”)

5. Rights

The user can exercise before Wiber Rent a Car the following rights relatedto their personal data: access, rectification, suppression, limitation oftreatment, portability of data and opposition.

In the same way, in the processing of user data whose legitimacy is basedon the consent given by the user, the user has the right to withdraw suchconsent at any time, without affecting the legality of the treatment basedon prior consent upon its removal.

To the practicing rights, the user can send their request to Calle Ciscar39, 08039 - Castellón, Spain, or to the email

In any case, the user has the right to file a claim with the correspondingcontrol authority if the user considers it appropriate.

Cookies use

1. Cookies use on the website.

This Website uses its own and third-party cookies in order to improve theservices provided through it by analyzing the User’s browsing habits. Ifyou continue surfing, we will consider that you are accepting its use.

For the purposes of this policy, “continue surfing” means clicking on anybutton, check box or website link, download any content from it or scroll.

2. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to the user’s computer when accessingcertain websites, such as Wiber. Cookies allow these websites, among otherthings, to store and recover information about the user’s browsing habitsor the user’s system and, depending on the information that they containand the way in which they use their system, they can be used to recognizethe user.

3. ¿What kind of cookies does this Website use?

Technical cookies: those that allow the user to navigate through a webpage, platform or application and the use of different options or servicesthat exist in it, for example, traffic control and data communication,identifying the session, accessing to restricted access parts, storage ofthe elements that are included in an order, realization of the purchaseprocess of an order, realization of the request for registration orparticipation in an event, the use of security elements during navigation,storage of content for broadcast of videos or sound or share contentthrough social networks.

Functional cookies: they are the strictly necessary cookies in order toprovide the services requested by users on this Website.

Affiliation cookies: Affiliation cookies allow you to track visits fromother websites, with which Wiber Rent a Car has an affiliation contract.This type of cookies is used in the domain "".

Analysis Cookies: These are the cookies that, well treated by Wiber Rent aCar or by third parties, allow to quantify the number of users and thusperform the measurement and statistical analysis of their use of theWebsite. For this purpose, its navigation on the Website is analyzed inorder to improve the offer of content, products or services shown therein.

Social cookies: Social cookies are necessary for external social medianetworks (Google, Facebook or Twitter). Its function is to control theinteraction with social widgets within the page.

Advertising and behavioral cookies: those are the cookies that, welltreated by us or by third parties, allow us to manage in the most efficientway possible the offer of the advertising spaces that are on the website,adapting the content of the advertisement to the content of the requestedservice or the use you make of our website. For this we can analyze yourbrowsing habits on the Internet and we can show you advertisement relatedto your browsing profile.

4.¿How can I block or delete the cookies that this Website uses?

The user can allow, block or delete the cookies installed on their computerby configuring the options of the browser installed on his computer. Youcan find information on how to do this depending on the browser you use atthe following links:



Internet Explorer:



If you use a different browser, you can obtain more information about howto configure the cookies installation through the help or assistancefeature from that browser.

The fact of blocking the installation of the analysis cookies mentioned onthis policy does not prevent the effective use of the Website by the user.