Participation is opened to everybody, independently from his/her nationality and place of residence or the professionalism of the photos, as long as the images provided comply with the requirements of the competition. 

Open to participants who are over 18 years old from any part of the world, proved that they have “Liked” Wiber’s official Facebook page and/or they are following the official Instagram profile with a real profile.

Fraudulent Facebook profiles or users other than the ones described on the bases above may not participate. Every participation that is proved that does not meet the requirements to participate will be invalidated.

  1. THEME

We establish this cathegory:

#BeWiber: we will accept those photos in which our wristbands and holiday attitude appear, whether they are in colour or B/W. It will be appreciated if vehicles from our fleet are also included in the picture.


Facebook participants must comply with the following requirements:   - Upload a photo on the post where the contest is mentioned. That photo must show their #BeWiber experience of summer 2019.

- Have Liked our official Facebook profile @WiberRentCar

- Use the hashtag #BeWiber

Instagram participants must comply with the following requisites:

- Upload a photo on their public Instagram profile. That photo must show their #BeWiber experience of summer 2019.

- Mention our official Instagram profile @WiberRentCar

- Use the hashtag #BeWiber

General requisites:

- There is no maximum amount of pictures per participant that can be submitted.

 - Images violating the current legislation will not be accepted.

- These images must not have won a previous contest.


The contest will take place on Facebook and Instagram with an international reach.

The contest will take place from August 1st, 2019 until August 31st, 2019 at 23.59h (local time in Madrid, Spain (CEST)), being this day the due date to submit your photo.

The contest award decision will be published on September 2nd, 2019.


The jury consists of different members of Wiber headquarters. Complying with the established requirements in the bases of the contest will be mandatory, when choosing the winner. If none of the participant photos is considered suitable, the Jury might decide not to award any of the prizes The Jury’s rule is unappealable. Wiber will contact the winner using the contact information provided by the user on Facebook or Instagram, and their social handle will be mentioned on our social media profiles. If we are unable to contact the winner within 10 days from the first contact attempt, or if this person gave up the prize, a new winner would be selected. This would imply the loss of the previous winner’s right to the award.

The prize will be an Amazon Gift Card of 40€. It will be handed one prize for Facebook and for Instagram as a whole.


The company Wiber Rent a Car Spain, S.L, "Wiber", with registered address Calle Ciscar, 39, 12003, Castellón de la Plana (Castellón) with VAT number B-12995866 organizes this contest on Facebook and Instagram.


Facebook does not sponsor, endorse nor administers in any way this promotion nor is it associated with it. The user detaches completely from Facebook and is aware that it is providing his information to the company Wiber, not to Facebook. The information provided will be used to handle the participation of the contestant and to communicate the award, in case of winning it. Also, the information provided may be used for commercial reasons.  


The use of independent applications, abusive queries to the server and all those behaviors that may be found abusive and/or ill-intentioned will be considered as FRAUD. The verification of any of these circumstances during the contest will carry out the automatic disqualification of the participant as well as the loss of the prize (in case it was assigned).

Wiber is exempt from any responsibility in case of data errors in the information provided by the contestants that would impede their identification. Likewise, Wiber is not responsible for the possible loss, damage, theft or any other circumstance imputable to the courier service that may affect the delivery of the prize.

In the same manner, Wiber is excluded from any responsibility in case of damage of any nature that may be due to the temporary lack of availability or continuity of the functioning of the services rendered to participate in this promotion.      

Wiber reserves the right to start judicial action against those people performing any kind of act susceptible of being considered manipulation or falsification of the contest.      

Wiber also reserves the right to carry out changes resulting in the good ending of the contest when just-cause concurs or due to force majeure reasons (that would stop the contest from ending in the way described in the bases aforementioned).

Wiber reserves the right to delay or extend the period of the contest, as well as the ability to interpret the present legal basis.       

In the same manner, the organizing company will be exempt of all responsibility if any of the mentioned cases concur as well as of any responsibility for damage that may be caused during the use of the prize.


Wiber Rent a Car will be able to publish the photos received on its website or social media profiles. This will not mean an anticipation of the final decision of the jury.


The data provided by the participants will be treated confidentially and will be compiled in an automated file of personal information. Wiber will own and will be responsible for the file. The company’s registered address is Calle Ciscar, 39 12003,  Castellón de la Plana (Castellón). The handling of the data will have as its objective the management of the Photography Contest #BeWiber. The information may also be used for the sending of commercial information that could be of your interest.                   

Wiber guarantees total compliance with the Organic Law 15/1999, of November 13th, regarding Data Protection of Personal Information in the treatment of the personal data gathered in this contest. This is especially the case in what refers to attending the exercise of the rights to information, access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of the personal data of the participants.


It is understood that contestants authorize without limitation of system, media or country, the reproduction of their artwork free of rights.

Contestants take full responsibility for any existing third-party rights on the artwork provided, as well as on image rights. The simple participation on the contest implies the acceptance of the present conditions. Any resolution that must be taken because of an unplanned impact under these conditions will correspond to Wiber, who will resolve with their best criteria, being this decision unappealable.


The simple participation in the contest implies the acceptance of the present rules and the unappealable ruling of the contest’s jury. Therefore, if any participant expresses the non-acceptance of the totality or partiallity of the bases, it will imply the exclusion of the participant and, as a consequence, Wiber will be freed from the compliance of the obligation contracted with said participant.